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Drive Mad

Drive Mad is a thrilling 3D driving game in which players must navigate a route dotted with challenging hazards. The mission of Drive Mad is quite difficult. Players must maneuver a truck at high speed on an unpredictable course while attempting to avoid hazards and keep the truck from toppling over. This game's spectacular stunts and inventive obstacles will test your control skills. Players must maintain a balanced pace if they hope to cross the finish line unscathed. You will first find it simple to navigate the obstacles with your truck's enormous wheels. But as time goes on, you'll need to exercise caution because it will also quickly flip your automobile upside down. The flip may break your car, rendering it undriveable.

How to play

Drive Mad features relatively straightforward game controls, but if you don't want the truck to turn upside down, you must closely monitor the course. Be cautious!

  • Press W, D, X or Up arrow, Right arrow, Mouse click to move the cursor ahead.
  • Press S, A, Z or the Down or Left arrows to turn in the other direction.

Always remember that once your car is flipped and you can no longer drive it, it will break.