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Stick Merge


Stick Merge and the gun-fighting

Are you a fan of shooting action games? Stick Merge is a game designed to meet the needs of gamers who love this game genre.

Requirements of the game

Coming to this game, the player will control his character to pick up the gun and destroy all targets. In particular, your enemies in Stick Merge, do not stand still or stand in easy-to-shoot positions. They hide behind crates waiting for an opportunity to destroy you.

So what do you need to do? In the meantime, align correctly so that when you shoot, you will hit the enemy and eliminate them all from the game. In addition, do not forget to have full ammo so as not to fall into passive situations in this game.

Weapon Upgrade

The game is called Stick Merge. True to its name, the feature that makes this game more special than many other shooters is that you can upgrade your weapon to make it more and more powerful.

In the game lobby, buy and merge the same guns to create the gun with the highest destructive power and damage possible. In particular, the more weapons you have, and the stronger your weapons, the more money they bring to you. With that money, you will have the opportunity to continue to upgrade your gun.

Similarly, you can also earn more diamonds to unlock costumes for stickman characters. And, if you are a big fan of gun games, you can try to play Gun Mayhem 3.

How to play

To control this game, you can the mouse.