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Angry Shark Miami


Angry Shark Miami helps your shark on a mission to destroy all human vehicles. Destroy boats, canoes, helicopters. This destruction takes more strength than you think, eat humans to restore strength.

Become a brutal shark

You have the task of becoming a sadistic fish by entering the place where humans live and destroying everything. From boats, canoes to helicopters. How can reach the helicopter? By diving deep underwater and quickly emerging can bite the helicopter. Let's drown it in the water to harm people. To break boats, jump on the water and crush them. This breaking makes you lose power. A health toolbar will be displayed at the top and to recover eat the human. Also, during the mission, stay away from mines that can hurt you.

Destroy all

You hate people and their vehicles at sea. Destroy them all so that they will be terrified. Jump on the boat, bite the helicopter and drown them in the water.

Eat humans

Destruction takes more effort than you think. Eat humans to restore strength or recharge when attacked by mines and helicopter bombs.

Unlock monsters

Some monsters are waiting for you to unlock. Completing the conditions of the game, you can own monsters that are more dangerous than sharks in terms of strength, size, ect.

Carry out the missions

All missions will be displayed before the game starts. You can watch it before playing to understand and complete the mission. When completing missions, you will receive worthy rewards.