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Getting Over It

About Getting Over It

What is Getting Over It

Getting Over It is a platform-overcoming game in which you will control a cat sitting in a pot and conquer all challenges of this adventure game. Good luck! In addition, you also consider this online game as a single-player adventure game because you have to face many difficulties. It will be suitable for all players who are passionate about challenges. Have a nice time!

The Special Moving Way

Your character will sit in a pot. Therefore, you can not move as normal characters. For example, Geometry Dash Meltdown allows you to guide a square to run on platforms. In this online game, you have to use a hammer to connect to other objects and drag you forward. It's a challenging way to move because it depends on various elements to move successfully. You have to make sure that the length of the hammer of your arm is appropriate to overcome platforms.

Playing Guides And Tips For You

As you can know, you have to direct your cat with a unique movement. Let's adjust to this moving way and move forward. There are many objects and platforms with different sizes and shapes. Therefore, you have to be careful to conquer them. In addition, you should have your own plan to play this Getting Over It game. For example, you can learn how to use your arm and hammer masterfully. Especially, let's take advantage of their length!