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Geometry Dash OMG Aliens


About Geometry Dash OMG Aliens

Experiment in Geometry Dash OMG Aliens with cube. An adventure in dragon land is waiting for you. Avoid all the obstacles and fight the aliens in the unending land.

With the novelty of this version is the image of the cube riding its mascot and entering the land of dragons. Make moves without hitting any obstacles. The game has no end and only stops when you hit an obstacle that makes you melt into many pieces. The longer you take on the challenge, the more experienced you will be in avoiding obstacles in your way.

How to control

Use up arrow key/left mouse button to move your character.

Change your look

The game does with its level of completion along with a change in appearance each time you pass through the portal

1-10% is the beginner stage, you will be driving on a ship. Move to the portal to open another face.

11-20% is the stage of changing to aliens with his UFO.

21-30% you will transform into a character with super fast flight speed. At this stage, you have to fly through a zigzag path with various bumpy bumps.

31-40% Your Appearance returns to cubes.

41-44%: you will return to the original interface, however, at this stage there are green monsters and the screen turns black. Pass the monster undetected and move to another gate.

49-65% appearance changes with ball chain and spider chain.

66-69% appearance changes to ships.

70-80% of the appearance changes to a cube chain. Don't let any one of the cubes make mistakes that make them all fail.

81-100% Become a wave and rush to the finish line.