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Mr Mine


Overview of Mr Mine

Mr Mine is an idle mining game where players mine resources, unearth treasures, and manage their mining business. The objective of the game is to mine deeper and deeper into the Earth, gather resources, and sell them or use them for upgrades.

The game features a variety of tools and upgrades that players can unlock and purchase to improve their mining capabilities. Players can also complete quests and encounter treasure chests that contain random rewards.

Work to be done

In this game, you get a very important task of running your mining business. Hire workers and machines to work for you and minerals are what you trade. Start by hiring miners to dig underground to find valuable resources. At this initial point, you only get rock and coal. Gold is an extremely rare mineral. Make an effort and persevere to exploit and speed up your work speed by hiring more people to help you do this work.

At first you will be the supervisor and commander for the miners to work, but you cannot supervise at the same time and all at the same time, now hire a supervisor to do this for you. Work becomes easier when the supervisor helps you supervise the workers and you now just need to sit back and enjoy having money in your pocket. After accumulating a certain amount of money, upgrade workers to increase productivity and increase mineral value.

The world of mining in Mr Mine

This game has three worlds for you to exploit: Earth, Moon and Titan. Each planet has different resources, but their depth of exploitation is the same.

Earth World is your starting point for mineral trading. It has a depth of 1000km with many important milestones. Minerals that can be found on Earth are Coal, Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Coltan, Painite, Black Opal, Red Diamond, Blue Obsidian and Californium. Increasing depth will yield more valuable minerals.

Moon World is the second journey for you to develop your mineral mining career. After digging up to 1000km deep on the Earth world, you will hit Earth and a 32km area of space. Through this depth, you will reach the Moon's surface at a depth of 1032km. However, in this world there will be more UFO appearances. The mineral resources you mine in this world include Carbon, Iron, Aluminum, Magnesium, Titanium, Silicon, Promethium, Neodymium and Ytterbium. In addition to the task of mining minerals, you have another task: fighting UFOs that are hindering the work you are doing.

Titan World is your ultimate journey to exploit mineral resources. The depth ranges from 1814km to 2214km. In this world, unlock drill parts to help you perform mining. In addition to human impact, machines will help you complete the job much faster. Upgrade robots to mine Tin, Sulfur, Lithium, Manganese and Mercury.