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Geometry Dash World


Description of Geometry Dash World

Experiment with a new version of the same cube in Geometry Dash World. One of the versions in the Geometry Dash series. Exercise your mobility in this game.

In this version, like other versions, your task with the cube is to make jumps to avoid obstacles. The cube will keep moving forward and you have to help them not to hit any objects that will cause them to break into pieces.

Featuring fast-paced gameplay, along with sounds exclusive to Geometry Dash versions. Players will navigate the main character of the game which is the cube going forward and avoid obstacles. Make multiple plays to improve your play in this game.

Secret challenges are waiting for you to discover. You can see no difference with other versions but that's just the beginning. The journey is still long ahead, the experience increases your mobility.

Mode of transportation

In this version, you will be experimenting with two types of moves

The cube moves on the plane. Make jumps avoid obstacles, move up, move between cylinders, ect.

The cube rides its flying vehicle through this endless space. Enter an unobstructed road or avoid an obstacle to go the other direction.

Game mode

  • Space Pirates
  • Striker
  • Embers
  • Round 1
  • Monster dance off

The modes are designed with different obstacles with different forms of movement. Try out all the game modes and experiences.

How to control

Use mouse/up arrow to navigate character