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Toon Cup 2019

The soccer match featuring Cartoon Network cartoons is called Toon Cup 2019. You may play as well-known Cartoon Network characters in this football game. There are three tournament game styles in addition to rapid match. There is also a world leaderboard to check out. See how you compare to other world cup players from other countries.

Choose your team before the game begins by selecting from a list of characters. The football game is exciting and quick-paced. Each team consists of three players, who pass the ball back and forth while attempting to score as many goals as they can. Charge your shot power bar and attempt to score the ideal goal when you have an open goal. Use the space bar to try to tackle your opponent if they have the ball while you pursue them. A shrink ray or lightning may be used to wreak havoc on the opposite squad; don't forget about the fantastic power-up boxes either. To automatically open the power-up, simply step on the box.

How to play

  • To move, use the arrow keys or WASD.
  • To pass the ball, use the space bar. Hold the gun, then let it go.