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Monkey Mart

Own a mart in this game

You will open a supermarket selling food in the game Monkey Mart. Your customers will be gourmet monkeys in a whole new world. Let's expand your supermarket!

Play as a monkey in Monkey Mart

You take on the role of a helpful and diligent monkey who just opened his own grocery store in this game. The game asks you to plant fruit trees, travel from position to position, and stock your stands with a wide range of goods.

In order to keep the banana and corn stands stocked, plant fruit trees. To gain access to new employment opportunities, you can enhance your character and hire additional employees to run the supermarket more efficiently. Be one of the best business management games online for the entire week on our site. A smart boss always knows how to use money wisely. You also need to keep this in mind when you want to buy and upgrade items. This game can keep you fun for a long time. It's better to try more kinds of games like Shell Shockers, Helix Jump, Geometry Dash Meltdown, Tap Tap Shots, etc.