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Capybara Clicker


The best clicking game is called Capybara Clicker. Increase the capybara population by clicking and spend money on enhancements for quicker reproduction. To make the capybara stand out, we either need to change the environment or have access to other skins. What may be better? By gaining access to several skins and then putting them to the capybara you adore the most, you may personalize it. By gaining access to various climate conditions, you may also build the optimal environment.


  • Bring some capybaras or anything forward.
  • Gain the upper hand and earn more money with upgrades and auto-click.
  • Find stylish new capybara clothing!
  • You must modify the weather in order to create the optimal environment.

How to play

  • To generate additional capybaras, click the capybara icon.
  • The amount of clicks or auto-clicks can be increased with upgrades to boost your capybara yield.
  • To immediately generate one billion capybaras, just press a button.
  • Pressing the upward key will also restart the game.