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Stick Slasher


About Stick Slasher

Are you ready to step into the fierce battle of Stick Slasher? Can you overcome all your opponents to become the winner?

Game rules of Stick Slasher

Similar to other survival action games like Pixel Shooter, your mission in this game is to destroy all your opponents. However, in this game, no one will accompany you at all, you will be a solo warrior. Your opponent is very crowded, one after another who wants to take your life. Help your stickman hero keep his life and defeat them.

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Click the mouse to attack.

Game modes

Stick Slasher has up to 4 different modes. Let's see the difference between these game modes.

Classic is a familiar mode where you will use a sword and a shield to fight enemies. Destroy as many stickmen as possible.

Shield Master is a rather special mode. Instead of using offensive weapons, you will only use shields to defend as well as deal with your enemies.

Giant Sword is a mode that gives you a special sword. It is larger and longer than the other swords. Use it to defeat your opponents.

Sword Mage is a game mode that gives you a very unique sword. You just need to stand still, you can control this sword to move to every corner to kill enemies.