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Geometry Dash Lite

Tackle problems in Geometry Dash Lite

Control a square in Geometry Dash Lite. You have to face many obstacles and deadly traps which can destroy your square. Let's jump over them!

The modes in Geometry Dash Lite

There are fifteen game modes in this game. There are various difficulty levels for each mode. To determine the mode's difficulty, look at the number of stars in the upper right. The difficulty of a mode increases with the number of stars it has. Stereo Madness, Back On Track, Base After Base, and Dry Out are a few of the available modes. In addition, the list of game modes contains numerous distinct modes. Can you triumph over all modes? To win the title of winner, you must complete each mode completely. Make an effort to defeat as many modes as you can and achieve admirable results! You need to jump over all obstacles by clicking the left mouse button. You need to jump on time. Otherwise, you have to restart the game. Don't just play one game. Why don't you play Element Evolution, Thug Racer, Geometry Dash Meltdown or Bike Rush.