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The online party game, Betrayal.io, challenges players to identify which one of them is an betrayer tasked with eliminating the "good" characters one at a time. The gaming mechanics vary greatly depending on your position, but ultimately debating the round's happenings and attempting to root out the evildoer are the most fun.

Everyone in the team is given a role from the start. Regular crew members are required to do activities throughout the map that are modeled like easy mini-games. While this is going on, the traitor, who has the same appearance as everyone else, may make life unpleasant for everyone by sabotaging projects and gradually wiping out the rest of the team. Following the round, there is a brief conversation that gives the players a chance to attempt to make sense of what transpired. The traitor participates in the conversation while posing as a normal participant. After the debate, someone may be eliminated by vote; if the villain survives, the game continues.

How to play Betrayal.io

Playing Betrayal.io with friends is the most enjoyable experience. All you need to play this game to the fullest extent is free software. The controls are really simple: use the WASD or arrow keys to move about, the E key to interact, and the mouse to complete tasks.