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Geometry Dash


About Geometry Dash

Join the moving cube in Geometry Dash. You will enter the unknown world, move in a safe place and avoid the obstacles that cause the cube to break.

Step into the journey

Entering the game, you will move with the cube character on the never-ending road. The game collects geometric blocks such as rectangles, squares, triangles. Each block has a different meaning. You are allowed to move on rectangles, squares and stay away from triangular obstacles. It will blow you up so be careful. Since cubes will always move forward and never stop, they may accidentally enter obstacles. Help them move without hitting the obstacle.

Game modes

  • Stereo Madness
  • Back On Track
  • Polargeist

There are 3 game modes that you can choose. Different degrees of spatial coloration. Experience all the different styles in each level Easy, Normal, Hard. If you have never experienced this game, you can try it with Easy first and increase the difficulty when you get used to it. The more difficult challenges will have more obstacles and the cube's movement speed will also be faster. Train your concentration in this game.

How to control

Avoid obstacles with the up arrow key

Don't touch spikes if you don't want to go back to the beginning