Geometry Dash Meltdown

Geometry Dash Meltdown is a fast-paced action game where. Show your skills of rhythm and timing to explore the Seven Seas, Viking Arena, Airborne Robots.

About Geometry Dash Meltdown

This game is the latest version of the legendary fast-paced series. The publisher continues to bring unique innovations in graphics as soon as the success of the first version. A world of rhythm game with fast-paced, engaging sounds and colorful visuals is waiting for you to explore.

Hundreds of new skins are extremely valuable additions. Additionally, each skin has a certain difference which is suitable for all types of players. This is the world for you to express your sense of rhythm of sound and precise timing, overcome any challenge and show your outstanding skills.

Endurance and agility are the key factors for you to overcome the challenges of 3 levels from easy to difficult of the game: Seven Seas, Viking Arena, Airborne Robots.

The rules in the Geometry Dash Meltdown game

You are surely familiar with the gameplay of this installment because of the principles of the game. You still have to remember one rule to conquer this game: avoid all obstacles on the way. Try to overcome the roads full of thorns and dangerous monsters. At all costs, your cubes must not touch them. Sliding, jumping, or flying over them is possible. Just a touch can destroy your character instantly. Now, come and enjoy this fun game!

Acquiring achievement in the game

In addition to the graphics and wide selection of skins that make Geometry Dash Meltdown special, the achievement feature is also an element that makes this game unique. If only moving the character to the end of the road is too boring. That is how the achievements were added to this game. Here are some achievements:

The above achievements are just a few of the dozens of offered achievements. Therefore, only skillful players can complete all of them. Are you one of them? Answer this question by your score.

How to control

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash series of video games was created by Swedish developer Robert Topala and published by his company, RobTop Games. When you experience this game, you are able to experience a rhythm-based platform game that features 21 different levels of recognized complexity.

The game has three stages which are Stereo Madness, Back on Track and Polegist. Each category has its own difficulty level and list of top scores. It is currently one of the most popular games in the world because over 60 million online levels created by gamers worldwide.

The Geometry Dash Meltdown version continues to give players an increasingly engaging experience. We can't imagine that with a very simple gameplay of jumping in and playing like a block and overcoming obstacles, developers can create thousands of unexpected changes and be so full of charm. Fast speeds are still the top attraction. At the same time, the completely new graphics and sound will bring an experience that is no less competitive than the original version. The fresh and colorful interfaces also positively affect the player's psychology. That's exactly what we can all look forward to in this brand new version of Geometry Dash game.

Features of Geometry Dash Meltdown

This game adds a lot of special features with a convenient interface. As mentioned above, there are many beautiful skins for players. Moreover, you can keep track of your stats when playing this game.

Hundreds of cool skins in this game

You have an opportunity to play with lots of skins. In the game, your character can change its mode like a cube, robot, or spaceship. Each of the modes has its own skins for them. The special thing is that you can also customize the color of these skins. One more thing, you don't need coins or stars to unlock these skins. All of them are available at the beginning. Choose your favorite character, change its color and let's go on a fantastic adventure!

Follow your stats when coming to Geometry Dash Meltdown

This game allows us to see our stats. We can know some stats like total attempts, total jumps, collected stars, collected diamonds, and complete levels,... There are general stats and specific stats for each game mode. You can see the general stats right in the main menu of the game. For specific stats, you must enter each game mode to see.

Tips and tricks to conquer Geometry Dash Meltdown

Geometry Dash Meltdown has 3 main stages: The Seven Sea, Viking Arena, and Airborne Robots. Each of these stages will have different scenes as well as obstacles. However, you must avoid them all and collect items along the way like keys. You can track how far you have traveled by looking at the process bar. When this bar reaches the end, you have won a stage. Furthermore, you can light up the way in Viking Arena mode to see clearly.

While moving, you need to pay attention to the blue signal columns. You can start jumping when you reach these poles. In addition, your character can jump higher and car more when hitting the yellow springs. Take advantage of the above items to overcome the difficulties in this game.

You can enter Practice Mode from the pause menu. Practice mode lets you place checkpoints. You can place checkpoints manually, or use the auto-checkpoint feature. Tap the delete button to remove your last checkpoint.

When you have to face obstacles, keep clicking the left mouse continuously to jump over them. Geometry Dash Meltdown requires your concentration and great control skills. Are you confident to play this game? Now, don't be hesitant, enjoy this game now!