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Blockpost Legacy

The 3D multiplayer shooter Blockpost Legacy is set in the cubic universe, where the residents have been engaged in a bloody civil war. In order to win this conflict, the player must support one of the characters and work to ensure that he is the only one to survive it.

The game provides a first-person perspective of the area where armed encounters between residents of the blocky universe will occur. By using the arrow keys for the chosen direction on the keyboard, the player may navigate about the map. Monitoring the appearance of adversaries that will attack in the area of vision is crucial at the same time. By aiming for the kill and opening fire, you may stop these attacks. To achieve this, aim and shoot at the opposition using the mouse. Every time one of them is defeated, coins are awarded. These coins may then be used to purchase various upgrades that will increase the effectiveness of battling foes. It is important to keep in mind that cartridges have a limited charge, which may be seen at the right-hand bottom of the screen. You must hit the R key to recharge. The health status, which shouldn't be zero, is also shown in the lower portion of the screen.

How to play

Move uses WASD or Arrow keys. Shoot uses Left mouse button. Aim uses Right mouse button. Jump uses Space bar. Switch weapons uses Numeric keys