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Squid Game Run

Escape from guards in Squid Game Run

You will transform into a player in the Squid Game Run. You have to run away from the red guards. Pick up a lot of coins along the way and avoid enemy bullets.

Run as quickly as you can in Squid Game Run

While running, you'll be able to change your direction by dragging your mouse to the left and right. You should try to find as many bills of money as you can to boost your score.

Since red guards will attempt to shoot you, avoid falling into the abyss, jumping over the tempered glass, or any other obstacles that can be jumped over, as there will be moving platforms.

Compete with your score against other players around the world, as shown in the leaderboard, as you cover a significant distance while collecting as much money as you can and avoiding all of the traps and obstacles in your way. You can try many other games such as X-Parkour, Geometry Dash Meltdown, Murder, Impostor Killer, etc.