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Avengers Hydra Dash


The Avengers is one of the favorite Marvel Super Heroes and is reimagined in Avengers Hydra Dash. In this journey there will be characters you will like. The Avengers must use every effort to obtain information and prevent the evil schemes of the clandestine experiment being conducted by the Hydra, a group of villains lead by the Red Skull.

Among the heroes you may command are Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, and Captain America. You may use the distinctive abilities and skills that each Avenger possesses to devastating effect. You may also earn money as you progress through each level, which you may use to bolster your team. Can you stop Hydra's evil plans today and stop them in their tracks?

Features of Avengers Hydra Dash

  • A 2D running game with a side-scrolling view
  • Play with Avengers cast members
  • Character upgrades
  • Two game modes: infinite and tale

How to play

  • Arrow up to jump
  • Hold the arrow up to flip leap.
  • X to attack adversaries
  • C to activate a special function