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Bartender Perfect Mix


Bartender Perfect Mix helps you become a real bartender with female version. Help Miguelita make the most special cocktail called Swimming Pool that made her react "Out of the world". Another version in the series Bartenders called Bartender The Right Mix that you can try.

Mixing Swimming Pool cocktails

Become a bartender through this game. Summer is here and need summer drinks to cool off. There's nothing better than enjoying a cocktail at the pool. So the idea for this cocktail is to make the Swimming Pool cocktail. If you are knowledgeable about cocktails, it is easy to make delicious cocktails but this version requires you to make the Swimming Pool cocktail. The name is quite strange, I'm sure you don't know how to mix the ingredients. Try your hand at this cocktail.

How to make Swimming Pool cocktail

A set of water ingredients are available on the shelf. Select the ingredients you want, Pour each ingredient into the mixing cup. When the ingredients feel good enough, Shake them and garnish before serving to the cup. Choose salt, pineapple pieces, cherries as you like. Serve when you're ready and wait for Miguelita's response.

How to control

Select each ingredient, press Pour to pour into the cup. Shake when enough ingredients are added. Serve when ready. All operations are done by mouse click.

Collecting Miguelita's expressions

The cocktails you make all capture Miguelita's reactions. But for her to admit it is hard to know. You may experience expressions such as shock, fainting, clinical death, ect. Those are common expressions if you don't make the cocktail that Miguelita wants. So, let's make the most special cocktail that makes her react "Out of giving world", which is the highest expression you can get. Not everyone can make this special cocktail, are you the one to make the difference?