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Brawl Tank

In the universe of Brawl Stars, tactics are very important to take down the competitors. You have the option to purchase and use a Brawl tank in the game. Let's the player be in control and engage in a thrilling combat and attempt knock down the forts.

How to play

There will be many stages in the combat in which the Brawl Tank. These stages may be found in each game level. As soon as the block construction that was offered in the current round is demolished, they quickly arrive to replace one another. This figure represents the amount of rounds that the tank must fire in order for a certain block to be destroyed. The tank automatically fires, and the user must use the mouse to manipulate the muzzle's location in order to send the bullet in the desired direction. Points are earned when blocks are destroyed and are gathered at the top of the screen. They may be spent to improve the tank or to purchase a number of boosters that let you get rid of blocks even more quickly.