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Play Breakoid

Play and relieve stress with the Breakoid game. Here, you need to catch the ball and adjust its direction to destroy all the blocks on the map.

On the screen, there will appear blocks of different shapes and sizes. Your task is to shoot balls and destroy all these blocks. The ball will move in an unknown direction, so you need to pay attention to the ball' movement to catch it. If you don't catch the ball you lose. During the game, there will randomly appear some power-ups to help you easily pass the level. Power-ups can make your platform bigger and can also give you more balls. Take advantage of these power-ups and level up quickly.

How to control: Use the mouse to navigate the direction of your ball.

Conquer all levels of the game

This game has created countless levels waiting for you to explore. The challenges at each level are also extremely diverse. The higher the level, the more blocks will appear and make it harder for you to pass the level. These levels also appear as power-ups to help you overcome challenges more easily. Play this game on Geometry Dash Meltdown and conquer every challenge.