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Break the pixel in Breakpix

Use the balls to break all the pixels in Breakpix. The pixels are all artistic images, but it is your job to destroy that massive pixel career with the ball itself.

The pixel art is full of art but your main task is to destroy these pixel art. The purpose of destroying pixels is to relieve stress. Each pixel of an image is destroyed in turn until there are no pixels left.

Each level has the name of each image that the pixel will reproduce. Let's break them all and leave not a pixel.

Things you need to watch out for in the game

Levels of the game

The game has a total of 35 levels. The images of each level will increase, which means more pixels. Taking advantage of the multi-pixel breaking ball makes the breaking work also become faster.

Number of balls

The number of balls will decrease as you level up. Starting with level 1 is 7 balls and gradually reducing to the last level only 3 balls. Dropping the ball helps you get the most out of the ball, avoiding the overuse of the balls.

How to control

Move in one direction with the left and right arrow keys, after the ball falls, move quickly to the other direction to be able to aim for the pixels. Aim for the center of the image, where more pixels are destroyed than if you were going from the edge of the image.