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Bubble Pop


Connect six bubbles to form a star

Bubble Pop is a fun game about bursting bubbles. Match six bubbles of the same shape to make a star. There are countless challenges that need you to perform, conquer the challenges right away.

Match six shapes together to make a star. Done in 60 seconds. In each challenge, you need to complete the required number at the top of the screen. Try to complete the challenge before the allotted time. When you have reached a certain level, you will be opened with some hints to help you complete the goal.

Shop at the store

Some things that you can buy in the store like hints or other animals besides the duck. In the levels, the binoculars and the boat are fixed, the duck can be changed if you buy them in the shop. There are tons of other images you can choose from such as apples, basketballs, dogs, flowers and balls. Some hints can be purchased in the store or during the challenge.

Take on lots of challenges

You will be challenged in many different levels. With more than 200 different levels, the levels will create more difficulty to challenge you. You will also get acquainted with more difficult levels and use hints to help you overcome the challenge if needed.

Features of the game

The game is designed with a lovely interface along with vibrant sounds. Invite your friends to play with you so you can experience this game together. At the same time, the game is also very suitable for young children. This is also an ideal game for children to practice counting and visual discrimination. Let's experience with this interesting game.