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Bunny Balloonny


Blow up the balloons in the hilarious Bunny Ballonny

Take on the challenge of blowing up balloons in Bunny Ballonny. You play as the bunny and blow the ball as big as it hits the cactus to explode first and win. Accelerate the ability to press the screen fastest to be the winner.

In a match, there are two main characters, the blue rabbit and the red rabbit. If you play single player mode, you will be the red rabbit, competing against the game's AI opponent. Ball blowing speed is very important, to achieve in the fastest time requires the speed of touching your character. If you think your AI opponent will always win you, don't be discouraged, try it a few times, it will definitely panic if you win it. In two player mode, invite more friends for the first win. Surely it will be more fun if you play it with your friends.

Features of the game Bunny Ballonny

In the game, there are 3 rounds to choose from, 1,3,5. Defeat the winner in round 1, round 3 or round 5. Especially round 3 or rounds 5, because you can't tell if you can flip the AI win in single player mode or your friends in two player mode.

In a match, blowing the ball faster is easier to get more points. While you're trying to click on your bunny, notice at the top of the screen the score is getting shorter and shorter. If you click faster, and win first, you will get more points and vice versa. If you click slowly, the less points you earn. When your opponent wins first, focus on your work before it runs out of points and you still haven't popped the ball.


Player 1: press Space or touch the screen

Player 2: press Enter or tap the screen