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Candy Swap

About Candy Swap

Let's immerse in the sweet world of Candy Swap. In this game, you need to change the position of the candies and remove them from the board.

The candies with different types were shuffled on the board. You swap the positions of the candies so they are of the same type and remove them from the board. This game has countless levels corresponding to different missions. You need to do these missions to be able to unlock the different levels. Let's play and conquer the exciting levels of the game.

How to perform the task

You use the mouse to change the position of the candies. You click the mouse on the candy you want to change, then you click the position you want to change to swap their positions. 3 or more candies of the same type appear in a line, and they will explode. Each time they explode, they will give you a certain number of points. The more candies you explode, the higher your score will be. You collect scores by removing the candies to pass the level. However, this game also limits your number of moves, you perform the task according to the limited moves to not lose.