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Car Eats Car 2


Are you ready to play a game, in which you will face many carnivorous cars? Guide your cars to avoid obstacles and collect diamonds.

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Collect loot

In this game, there are various useful things for players that you should collect like power-ups and diamonds. In which, the red diamonds will help you buy more power and upgrade your car. The higher level your car upgraded, the stronger it is in the race.

Escape from carnivorous cars

They are extremely dangerous. if you cannot avoid them, they will eat your car and you need to play the game again. These cars are usually locked in an iron cage, as soon as you start the game, it will be released to make it difficult for you. Either you escape their pursuit, drop bombs to make them explode, or you are out of the track.

Guide and tips

Like Cars Chaos King, but for you to better understand this game, I will suggest and guide you. Follow them and master the game!


  • Use the left and right keys to balance.
  • Use the up key to accelerate.
  • Use the down key to break.
  • Press Z to use the turbo.
  • Press the spacebar to drop the bomb.


  • Collect diamonds to quickly upgrade the car.
  • Collect the wrong time to get more bonus lives.
  • Collect purple lightning to use turbo.
  • Collect super bonuses to get power-ups like freezing all the enemies for a short period of time, summons a storm cloud to strike the enemy with lighting, shaking the ground, slowing down and damaging the enemy, and randomly giving you one of the super bonuses.