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Car Rapide

Join the race with the cruise car on Car Rapide. The desert journey is nothing to survive long. The Negro's companion and his partner, the monkey on a carriage ride, are worth nothing. The car is about to run out of fuel and if it doesn't, the car can die in the desert.

Features of Car Rapide

Set in the desert car ride and the journey has no end. Your task is to avoid the car obstacles to not waste fuel. Use the mouse to move the car. Double tap many times to help the car fly high to be able to collect coins. In addition, some special features help your car go faster and easily eat more coins. Pay attention that your vehicle must always be fueled. Once the fuel runs out, the game is over. The number of coins that you eat is your score.

How to play

Simply using the mouse you can play this game. Double click repeatedly to let the car fly.