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Catch The Cat


Catch The Cat is a brain game looking to catch the cat. The cat is lying in the tree and doesn't want to go home. Find every way to catch it lying on the tree.

The story of finding a cat

The girl's cat is sulking and doesn't want to stay at home. He escaped from the house and found a place where he felt most comfortable. That's why it chose to lie on the tree in Nanshan park and sleep. Its unsettled owner went to find and realized his cat was sleeping in the tree. However, she could not reach the high branches. Pick up useful things around to help her catch the cat.

Take the cat home

To catch the cat lying on the tree down, you need the support of some objects around it. See what they have and how they can help you.

Pick up the items

Around the tree there are a number of objects that you can choose as tools to help you catch the cat lying on the tree. These objects can be chair, hammer, wood, ect. Collect everything you can find, if you find that the item you collect is not valuable, discard it and find something else.

Where cats can hide

There are two places the cat can hide: Nanshan Park and Shopping Street. You need to complete the challenges in Nanshan Park to find cats in Shopping Street. The cats won't come home, they will try to hide again and you need ways to help you catch the cat.