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City Dunk

Some descriptions of City Dunk

City Dunk is a basketball game with a special way of playing. You will control a flying basketball so that it can consecutively enter the basket.

This game is a combination of a Basketball Master game with a Flappy bird game. In this game, you will control a ball with wings, this ball will move in the air with the thrust you create. You must control this ball so that it can consecutively enter the basket. Each time you put the ball in the basket you will score an extra point. The highest score will be saved by the game and displayed outside the main screen.

How to play City Dunk

The ball is suspended in the air, but in order to move forward, it needs your thrust. You use the mouse and click on the screen to help the ball move forward. The ball moves high or low depending on the force you apply. You should adjust the force reasonably so that the ball can fall from the basket. For each basket, you have only one chance. If you miss any basket, you lose immediately.

Notice: The ball can only fall from the top of the basket.