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Color blocks

Play Color blocks

Welcome to Color blocks, this is a fascinating puzzle game. In this game, you will have to arrange the tetromino smokes and clear them from the board.

It is familiar to Christmas Winter Story Jigsaw, this is a puzzle game that helps you train your brain. You will arrange tetromino blocks of different shapes into a 9x9 grid. These tetromino blocks will disappear when they make a line with 9 tetrominoes standing side by side either vertically or horizontally. You will know in advance the 3 tetromino blocks you will have to arrange at the bottom of the board. When you arrange all 3 blocks on the board, 3 more blocks will appear. The game will end when you have no more room to arrange.

Control: Use the mouse to arrange the position for tetrominoes

How Color blocks trains your brain

The tetrominoes will appear in order of 3, you must quickly destroy the blocks to find room for other blocks. You have to arrange it properly to be able to destroy the blocks. This is where your brain is needed. You must predict the position of all 3 blocks in advance to not lose. Can you overcome these challenges? Let's play and get the highest score.