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Crazy Fishing


Crazy Fishing takes you into the world of cat fishing. Find treasure in the riverbed by fishing it up. To do that, prepare your rod for the best by fishing.

Find the treasure in the riverbed

Our yellow cat has heard something interesting from the people around him. He had heard that there was a treasure in the river and that no one had found it yet. Waking up in the desire, curiosity of the yellow cat. He went to the river that everyone told, here he met a salesman who could help our yellow cat fulfill that wish.

Depth goal

You will start with the first target with a depth of 50 meters. Try to stretch your fishing rod to complete the goal and in the process, fish more fish for more bonuses.

The value of the fish

Fish at different depths will receive different bonuses. Fishing at high depth, you will get more money than fish at low depth. And to catch high-value fish, it means you need to invest in your fishing rod.

Support for the cat's fishing rod

The treasure is in the riverbed, it's very deep and the cat's fishing rod doesn't last long, so get yourself the best quality fishing rod in the store to find the magic treasure.

Use the money you earn from fishing to buy the best quality fishing rod. Go to the store and choose the items that you think are most useful to you. Support items that help your fishing rod increase the line distance, increase shooting power, and increase line speed.