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Crazy Flips 3D

Crazy Flips 3D is physics-based, one-button arcade game. Your character in the game scrambles to collect as many coins as they can before time runs out. It's a classic pastime to flip a coin. But now you may flip coins in a completely different way thanks to 3D technology. As you go through the levels, your abilities will increase and you'll be able to do trickier maneuvers. Download Crazy Flips 3D right away if you're seeking for a good method to pass the time.

This game requires you to manage your avatar as it jumps and lands on these block pieces while dodging hazards. It becomes harder and harder as you move through the stages. While collecting coins for points, you may perform several skill kinds, such as flips and backflips, to make your landing simpler.

Have you ever wished there was a game that was simple to learn yet challenging to master? We have the ideal game for you! This game is a fantastic combination of skill and leaping activities. The objective is to flip through the air as high as you can. Using the space bar or the mouse button to control the program is quite simple. Try playing in 3D if you're searching for a challenge! This addicting game is all the more appealing since it has a realistic feel to it. Your coordination and reflexes will be greatly enhanced by playing Crazy Flips 3D. You'll love playing it with your pals, too!

How to play

Using Mouse or arrows key to play this game. Spacebar to jump