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Crazy Golf


Crazy Golf brings you to meet the typical characters in four popular Cartoon Network movies. Hit the ball into the hole is your duty. Making as few hits as possible will help you collect all 3 stars.

Play golf with Cartoon Network characters

If you are a golf enthusiast, this game is definitely not to be missed. There's nothing better than playing it with Cartoon Network's cartoon characters. Here, you will meet countless famous characters from many different movies. Play golf to explore many different places.

Golf into the hole

Control your ball along the way to get the ball as close to the hole as possible. On the way, be careful of obstacles like lake, sand pit, electricity, ect. These will interfere with hitting the ball into the hole.

Collect stars

Finish your golf swing beautifully by hitting it into the hole and still maintaining three stars. The fewer hits you will keep three stars, but the more hits, the number of stars will decrease. Collecting stars is very important, it is a prerequisite for opening the portal to a new location.

Experience the characters

Besides the play locations, you will also meet some typical characters from four famous movies. By clicking on the right corner of the screen, you can choose as much as you want. Some characters are free and some characters need to be unlocked by exchanging stars.

Unlock new locations

The four different locations correspond to four different movies The Amazing World of Gumball, We Bare Bears, Craig of the Creek Teen Titans Go! And to unlock these locations, you need to collect the stars of the current location. Trying to complete all three stars will help you unlock new locations faster.