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Dash Rocket

About Dash Rocket

Dash Rocket is an obstacle-overcoming running game for single players. Let's control your rocket and avoid as many deadly barriers as possible. There are many challenges for you when coming to this online game. Therefore, you can consider it as an adventure game to explore new experiences. In particular, the game's background is the universe space. All players are able to immerse into the infinite galaxy world with endless stars.

Game's Instructions

Rules Of Dash Rocket

There is a key rule for you when you decide to play the Dash Rocket game. Remember to avoid all obstacles on your way if you want to survive and get the highest score. Your character is a rocket. It will fly in the universe space. Your mission is to protect your rocket from barriers. However, it's not easy because obstacles move non-stop. It's time for you to show your driving skills to overcome this challenge skillfully. This gameplay makes me remind the Geometry Dash Meltdown game in which you also must avoid various obstacles to reach the destination.

The further you run, the higher points you get. Good luck!

Guides To Control

Use the left and right arrow keys to direct your rocket.