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Defense The Tower


A description of the game Defense The Tower

An amazing strategy game with a compelling plot is Defense The Tower. Discover new places and engage in battle with numerous monsters there. Protect your kingdom from a variety of foes' attacks.

Numerous adversaries, including orcs, elves, wizards, pirates, knights, and other monster varieties. You must thwart their attempts to assault your empire from every angle.

Aspecially in relation to the game Defense The Tower

You have to pass many different levels in turn to protect and improve your empire. In each level, in front of you will be a path leading to the castle. You need to prevent the enemy from following this path. Place a variety of defensive towers along the edge of the path. The towers must be ready to attack before they reach and proceed to the castle.

There are a total of four tower types available for installation in the game: Archer, Bomber, Mage, and Mage. Each tower has its unique advantages. You also encounter 40 distinct varieties of foes and every one of them has a unique abilities. You may improve your towers and spells at the upgrade menu after each level.

Ready to defend your empire against a series of enemies looking to attack and take over your territory? Let's set up an array of fortresses, confidently fight with all your might.

How to control

Follow the instructions as in the game. The steps are as simple as a mouse click.