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Dice Pixel Stealer 3D


About Dice Pixel Stealer 3D

Let's play Dice Pixel Stealer 3D to defeat an opponent at each level and gain victory! This game is a competitive action game using dice and pixel to fight.

Levels Of Dice Pixel Stealer 3D

This online game has more levels than Geometry Dash Meltdown. Each level is a battle between you and your opponent. If you can beat your enemy, you can complete a level and move to the next level. If you can not, you need to restart this level. Let's play this arcade game now and show how many levels you can finish.

Your Enemy At Levels

Your rival is an AI opponent. Although they are bots, you need to be careful because they are very smart and have unique strategies.

How To Play

Use your mouse to aim and shoot a dice to the playing field. There are many pixel blocks here. When your dice reach the ground, it will become stickmen and take pixel blocks to your base. Your enemies also do the same. In the end, whoever has more pixel blocks will win.

Note that your stickmen will reach the maximum after each shot if you wait for the circle in your base completed.