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Dino Run: Marathon of Doom

Descriptions of Dino Run: Marathon of Doom

It is similar to the Zombie Tsunami Online game, an apocalyptic world is unfolding in the Dino Run: Marathon of Doom game. Volcanoes are erupting non-stop and it affects the extinction of the dinosaurs. You must help your dinosaur get out of this ash rock before it collapses on him. The game will end when the dinosaur is crushed by rocks and ashes.

When the sky is red, this means that the dinosaurs are in danger. You must quickly escape this area to not be affected by the volcanic ash. In addition, in this area, you also need to pay attention to the rocks that fly out from the volcano. These rocks do not kill your dinosaur immediately, but they will hinder the dinosaur's running speed. When moving to the slopes, the dinosaur's speed will decrease. You need to jump up to be able to move faster. The dinosaur will be safe when it reaches the blue sky area. Here, you can slow down. Let's play and rescue the dinosaurs from genocide.

How to control your Dinosaur

  • You press the right arrow to move non-stop toward
  • You use the up arrow to jump