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Donut Cooking Game

About Donut Cooking Game

Let's join the fun baking process in Donut Cooking Game. You will be able to make your own donut from kneading to it coming out of the oven.

This is a cooking game, but it is suitable for all children. In this game, you will be involved in every stage of baking. Will delicious donuts be made by your hands? Follow the chef's recipe to create the most delicious cakes.

The process of making donuts

To create delicious cakes, the first step is to choose the ingredients. You need to choose the required ingredients available in the supermarket. After choosing the ingredients you need to pour the ingredients into a bowl and mix it up. You pour the ingredients into the bow in the order, water, flour, eggs, sugar, and cheese. After adding the ingredients to the bowl, mix well until the dough is smooth. When the dough is flexible, you put the dough on a cutting board to roll the dough and cut it into the shapes you want. Then you fry the cake in an oil pan. When the cake has been fried, you only have one last step, which is to decorate. You spread cream and syrup on the cake to make the cake more attractive. That's the whole donut-making process.