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About Doodlr.io

Play Doodlr.io to compete with other players in drawing-guessing competitions. Try to get more points in these battles to lead the leaderboard. This online game can be familiar to many players, especially enthusiasts of multiplayer games. Since its launch, it become increasingly popular thanks to its exciting gameplay and mechanics. Now, let's start together and enjoy the thrill of this Doodlr.io game!

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Preparation For Competitions

Before starting official matches, you need to write your nickname and choose one of two rooms. There are a private room and a Doodlr Royale room.

  • Private Room: You can create a new room or join available rooms. Players who want private rooms need the permission of the host.
  • Doodlr Royale Room: There is an ideal room to compete with all players and show your skills.

Start Your Doodlr.io Officially

After entering a room, you have 2 roles: guessing and drawing. You need to draw and other players will guess the word you are describing. The more players guess correctly, the more points you get. If you become the guesser, you will guess the word of other players. The faster you guess, the more points you gain. That's all rules of this Doodlr.io game.