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DownHill to Infinity

Join in the endless track in DownHill to Infinity

Are you ready for an endless skateboarding adventure in the game DownHill to Infinity? You will feel the excitement when moving on a slope with no end.

DownHill to Infinity is the most exciting skateboarding journey you have ever played. You will move on a slope with no end. Here, you will skate at an extremely fast speed. Of course, every game must have challenges to increase the dramatic part of the game. So, the challenges in this game are cut roads. This game requires you to have an extremely good reflex to be able to promptly confront these obstacles. You have to quickly jump up to pass the cut roads. If you don't jump over the cut segments, you will fall into the cliff and the game will be over.

In addition, to stimulate your aggression, this game has created a leaderboard. Your highest score will be saved and displayed outside the main screen. Are you brave enough to participate in these adventurous races? Play and make new records.

Control your character

Your character will control the skateboard and move forward automatically. You press the Z key to jump over the obstacles.