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Drift 3


You must drive a car in the thrilling driving game of Drift 3 to compete against other players. Let's take the lead in the end and win the endless race.

You'll compete in an eight-player driving tournament in this game. By crashing into them and firing them into space, you may defeat your adversaries. But be careful because your adversaries will treat you similarly. Fight as hard as you can if you want to win this fiercely competitive game!

The endless theme of Drift 3 tempts you to keep going for as long as you can. You are the winner only if you are the last player standing. You may decide in before what your name and game-starting car will be. Each type of automobile has a distinctive appearance that conveys to the user a certain personality. Select the finest vehicle!

Features of Drift 3

  • The exciting game includes a lot of novel elements.
  • Appealing and challenge multiplayer gameplay.
  • Car drifting battle for 8 participants.
  • Endless contests until a winner is discovered.

How to play

You may swerve your automobile by using the left mouse button.