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Drift F1


Drift F1 is a game that simulates drifting on F1 racetracks. Press the button, make turns, and rule the scoreboard to take charge of your car.

Here during the F1 races, you may display your driving prowess. As soon as you can, get in your automobile and race to the finish line. Keep in mind that your score has an inverse relationship with how quickly you complete the course. So, in order to achieve the greatest mark, try your utmost to finish the course as fast as you can. Because the racetrack is so harsh, use caution. There are several challenging corners on the circuit as well. You must click or release the left mouse button in order to float past them. Try to drift exactly to prevent straying from the path.

Effective tactics for overcoming all obstacles

  • React swiftly: You must click or release the left mouse button quickly enough to allow for drifting due to the multiple bends you must traverse.
  • Not all objects are coins: While collecting money along the way, bear in mind that you need to get to the finish line as quickly as possible.
  • Keep the vehicle always in the middle of the track: To maintain the center of gravity of the car, you should drift in the right direction. This will keep you from slipping off the track.

How to play

  • On a desktop: hold down the left mouse button or the space bar while turning left or right.
  • On a mobile device: tap or let go of the screen to rotate left or right.