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Duck Hunter


Duck Hunter goes duck hunting with a hunting dog. You are a real duck hunter with top notch shooting. Target the duck, shoot it down and let your dog come and grab the duck.

Hunting ducks with a hunting dog

You are a hunter with top-notch shooting ability. Going to a deep place, far from the center can catch ducks. You can see a lot of ducks flying up from the lawn because they are hiding in it. A beautiful day is impossible not to go hunting. Don't hesitate to go hunting with your dog.

Aim at the duck

A target will be displayed on the screen. Take it to the position of the duck or wait for them to reach the position where you are about to shoot. You will need to shoot at least 6 ducks to complete a level. Try not to miss which one is best. You only have 3 bullets for a duck. Either hit or miss. If you miss three ducks you lose.

The value of ducks

You will see two types of ducks. A duck with green feathers has a value of 500 and a duck with pink feathers has a higher value of 1000-1500. Hunt them all and leave no one behind.

Shoot point control

To be able to hit the duck, move the shooting point with the arrows/ WASD to the position you want.

Space to shoot.