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Duck Life


About Duck Life

Role-play and experience your life in the Duck Life game. Let's train your duck's skills and help him win races. Access our website and play this fun game.

Your duck will participate in a competition with combined sports. The duck's goal is to win this race. Your duck can choose between a combination of combined races or individual races. Practice well the skills of the duck and win.

Note: To be able to maintain in the race, your duck needs to collect food to upgrade energy.

How to control: Use the mouse to control.

Sports in the combined competition

  • Swimming: The duck will be brought to a large ocean, where boats move. You use diving and jumping skills to avoid these obstacles. The farther you swim, the higher your skill points.
  • Running: You will run on a flat road. However, on this road, there will be objects rolling automatically toward you. You jump so as not to fall. The farther you go, the faster the speed of the obstacles, which makes it difficult for you to avoid them.
  • Flying: Your bird will gain momentum and fly straight ahead. While flying, your bird collects food to be able to fly further.