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Duck Shooter

About Duck Shooter

Duck Shooter is an interesting shooting game. In this game, you will have to aim and shoot down all the yellow ducks that appear on the screen.

This game will divide the screen into 3 compartments, the ducks will take turns moving on these conveyors. There are two main types of ducks: red ducks and yellow ducks. You can only shoot yellow ducks, if you shoot red ducks you will lose immediately. These ducks will move at a fast speed, so this game requires you to have good reflexes. You have to do your best to block the duck from moving to the other side. Are you ready for this game? Join the Geometry Dash Meltdown website and play this fun game.

Complete the task in Duck Shooter

Your task in this game is to shoot the yellow ducks and prevent them from reaching the other side of the screen. You use the mouse to aim. After successfully aiming, you left-click to shoot ducks. You lose when you miss 3 times or you hit the red ducks. There is a trick to help you shoot more accurately is that you shoot a little ahead of the duck.

Control: Use the mouse to aim and shoot.