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Elemental Rescue Adventure


Elemental Rescue Adventure takes you into the world where the elements live. The heroine is the fire girl who is imprisoned in the prison and help the water guy save the girl.

Inspiration for the game

This game uses images taken from the animated movie Elemental. This is a film released in mid-2023, and is produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios, the two locations with many of the most popular animated films in both film and television. With their strong media in Korea, Korea is the country that loves this anime compared to its motherland. With two images of the male main character is water and the female lead is fire. The journey of the opposite couple seems to be very arduous to come together, but once they know how to appreciate each other, both will be a perfect couple. That is why our two main characters are the title for the game Elemental Rescue Adventure.

The journey to rescue the fire girl

Our heroine is locked in a dark place. As a follower of the fire girl, the water guy did not hesitate to do anything to save her.


On the way to rescue the female lead, the male lead had to go through many obstacles such as drops of fire, spikes, and electric shock. Those things can weaken and cause him to melt into the air. Therefore, when going through obstacles, you need to be very careful.

Many challenges

The male lead will never abandon the female lead under any circumstances. No matter what obstacles he encounters, he will come to the rescue. This shows how much the male lead's boundless love for the female lead is.