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The top-down internet war arena is the setting for the IO game EvoWars.io To advance your warrior, gather orbs and engage in combat with other players. Each development lengthens the range of your weapon but makes you move more slowly. How many people are you going to kill before you give up?

Collect orbs as you go around the virtual battlefield to help your warriors grow into more powerful forms. Defeat foes by using swords, axes, etc. Fight the adversary until they are victorious over you. See how far you can advance before the day of your reckoning!

Tips to play EvoWars.io

  • When you are a low level, concentrate on gathering orbs outside the map.
  • As you age, your weapon's range increases, but you also grow slower, so keep an eye out and be cautious!
  • Take use of your advantage and play dodge more when you're a low level since as you become smaller, you can move quicker.

How to play

  • Use cursor to move.
  • Left mouse button to attack.
  • Right mouse button to speed boost (uses XP)