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Extreme Thumb War


A description of Extreme Thumb War

The battle between two fingers is really intense in Extreme Thumb War. Two thumbs are the main characters of the game. And your task is to find the ability to defeat the opponent effectively and quickly.

In this game, your opponent and you lock hands and try to catch the opponent's thumb when it is about to be lowered. This way you can reduce your opponent's health to 0, the round will end if you do it successfully. You can win the whole game by winning three times.

There will be two energy bars in each corner of the playing screen. When an opponent has been hit multiple times and one of their energy bars is exhausted, the battle ends and the winner receives a star. And you have to do everything to make the enemy's energy bar run out before you.

Features of Extreme Thumb War

In the game, there are two game modes.

  • Single player mode: You will compete against the CPU to win. The winner will be the one with the first 3 stars.
  • 2 player mode: You and your friends will fight on the same keyboard. There will be more powerups in this mode, including a quick punch and energy recovery tape. The winner will be the one with the first 3 stars.


  • Single player mode: Tap to play by mouse
  • Two player mode: Use two W and arrow keys to control in