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Fantasy Fish World Mahjong


Connect two identical cards 

Fantasy Fish World Mahjong takes you to explore fish species through mahjong gameplay. Connect two identical cards to remove them from the screen.

Opening the game is an image of cards containing many different fish species appearing. Have you ever seen all kinds of fish in the sea? Add to that the image of coral reefs under the sea, they also have as many types as fish. A world of undersea animals will appear along with an undersea landscape suitable for you to perform your mission.

Connect two identical cards to remove pairs of cards on the screen. You cannot choose randomly or connect two different cards. When a game only has four separate coral cards or fish cards left, you don't need to worry because they will automatically combine and you will get points. This is a special part that only this game has.

Time is limited

You can do this game mission at any time, but if you want to get three stars, you should not miss them. A short time next to the challenge time will inform you how much time you have left to ensure how many stars you get. Time will signal twice if the first time you miss three stars and the second time you miss two stars. Try to complete the challenge as quickly as possible to earn all 3 stars.

Challenging in many levels

There are countless challenges that need you to solve. There are a total of 60 Packs and each Pack contains 100 different challenges. Have you ever seen so many challenges like this before? At the same time, the mission achievement at the top of the screen will signal you to receive a reward for completing the challenge. Get them and shop at the store.

Another game mode

In addition to Packs challenges, you can try Daily Challenge. This is a daily challenge, the gameplay remains the same. Connect two identical cards and remove them from the screen. Complete the challenge by removing all pairs of cards. One difference between this game mode is that there are many cards in one play. Try to get rid of all of them and don't get caught in a situation where you have many cards left but can't connect.