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Feller 3D


Feller 3D is the process of turning trees into pieces of wood to build houses. Do you wonder how to make wood to build a house? This game will repeat the daily work of woodworkers.

Wood processing

There are many stages to go from a tree to a piece of wood to build a house. Woodworking jobs are reproduced as follows:

Cutting tree is the first job in woodworking. Saw down the trunk of the pine tree until the tree is completely toppled.

Sawing into pieces: From a thick log from the tree, you will divide into different pieces to make many pieces of wood.

Transporting wood pieces: Loading the broken logs onto the truck so that it transports the logs to the place where they are pressed into pieces in house construction.

Put wood into the rolling mill: The logs will be rolled into a complete piece of wood when put into the rolling mill. It helps you roll into even pieces of wood.

Removal of stumps: The stumps after being removed from the trunk are left with only one trunk and roots. When there is a little bit of stem left, the plant will not be able to grow any more so it is advisable to cut them off to plant a new one. Use the planer to completely remove the stem.

Planting: Since the wood has been harvested and cannot be further grown, planting new trees to create new trees and the woodworking process will be repeated as new trees are grown.

House construction work

Finished pieces of wood will be accumulated to build houses. The more houses you build, the richer you get from creating it. In addition, you can decorate your houses to become more lively.